Bruce McCarthy is Founder and Chief Product Person at UpUp Labs, where he and his team are at work on Reqqs - the smart roadmap tool for product people.

About Bruce McCarthy

Ever since he was a child, Bruce has been making things. Having spent a lifetime as a builder and innovator, today he has a passion for understanding customer needs and creating compelling solutions.

Bruce is proud to say that, as a young man, he used LEGOs to obtain food and attract a mate. Those critical goals accomplished, in 1987 he made his first foray into the online marketplace, listing goods for sale using a 300-baud modem. Bruce brought this experience to iMarket, inc., where he created the world’s first online lettershop and mailing house, followed by its first virtual datamart.

Bruce has founded three companies and has led teams in organizations ranging from startups to market leaders such as Art Technology Group, Oracle and D&B. His executive-level positions include, most recently, VP of Product at NetProspex. Along the way, he has demonstrated his leadership in areas ranging from marketing to acquisitions (on both sides of the table) to product management and development.

A dedicated evangelist for better products and product management, Bruce founded UpUp Labs in 2012. Through it, he offers consulting services and applies his expertise to building innovative tools like Reqqs, the forthcoming smart roadmap tool for product people.