Bruce McCarthy is Founder and Chief Product Person at UpUp Labs, where he and his team are at work on Reqqs - the smart roadmap tool for product people.

Use Your Product Powers for Good

There is a secret power lying dormant in many product people: the power to inspire their team with a practical path toward a common vision for the future. Used for the good of the organization, this power inspires others to do the right thing in their own jobs.

Whatever their title, product people are the ones who make sure the right things get done in an organization. Often, they have few or no direct reports, but their job is to articulate a roadmap for the whole company to follow toward the company's strategic vision. Product people have more influence per head than any other role besides the CEO. With this power comes responsibility.

I am inspired to dedicate this blog to helping product people everywhere unleash their hidden powers - and to use them for the good of their company, its customers, partners, investors, and employees.

I help product people by

I also help companies establish best practices in roadmapping, prioritization, customer research, Lean, Agile, and other processes critical to product development and management.

- Bruce McCarthy