Bruce McCarthy is Founder and Chief Product Person at UpUp Labs, where he and his team are at work on Reqqs - the smart roadmap tool for product people.

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How Business Uses Social Media

My new company, NetProspex, has published a Social Business Report detailing which kinds of businesses and business people use social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Maybe this is a shameless plug, but I thought there were some interesting tidbits in the report you might be interested in.

Social Industries - New Tech But Not Old

It's no surprise that tech companies are among the most connected through the new social media. But I thought it was interesting that the auto industry is at the very bottom, including dealers, repair shops and parts stores (all in the bottom 10).

Social Jobs - Finance But Not The Board

I found it surprising that Finance folks (plus M&A, less surprising) were ranked number 2 in connectivity, after recruiters. Having absorbed that, though, I thought it was fascinating that Board members were at the very bottom. Isn't that where Finance folks go when they retire? maybe it's just a generational thing.

Social Companies - Tech Plus Newspapers

Again tech companies dominate the top 10 most-connected companies, but interestingly, the New York Times trumps them all and grabs the number one spot. Could it be David Pogue and Walt Mossberg all by themselves?

Check out the report on NetProspex.com. It's a free download and it's fun to check out your own industry, job and region.