Bruce McCarthy is Founder and Chief Product Person at UpUp Labs, where he and his team are at work on Reqqs - the smart roadmap tool for product people.

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A Simple Inexpensive Roadmap Tool?

I've been really unimpressed with the options for roadmapping, requirements management and prioritization tools. Well, I am impressed by the number of them, but daunted by their complexity and cost. A little googling turned up more than 20 such tools, most with complex, dated interfaces and many with prices I couldn't justify.

Accompa's own website says:

"Studies by organizations such as Forrester Research show that there is a high incidence of "shelfware" among companies which purchased requirements management software. The primary reason for this problem? Their users found the software too hard to learn and use."

And yet Accompa's tool still looks like a challenge to get started with to me (and it's a minimum of $200/mo).

So what's a product manager to do? Gather requirements, of course! I'd like to get your input on what a simple, inexpensive roadmapping tool would need to do. For clarity, I define roadmapping as requirements gathering, prioritization and communication.

If you'd like to weigh in in what such a tool would need to do for you in your job, enter your ideas here (or vote for ideas already there). You can see what others are voting for and I will publish the overall results in a few weeks.