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The Voice of Boston's Product People

I meet with product people all around Boston frequently. They are a savvy, experienced bunch with a lot to offer. Wouldn't it be great if there were a place where could all learn from that wisdom?

These same product people are, just as often, the unsung heroes of their organizations' success. Wouldn't it be great if there were a platform for them to talk about how they made a difference?


Sharing what we've learned is the core concept behind ProductHub, the Boston Product Management Association's new member-contributed blog. To quote BPMA President Mak Joshi:

The depth and breadth of product management and marketing expertise across a variety of industries is clearly an asset we as a community can leverage. We at BPMA are convinced that providing a medium for sharing techniques and ideas will facilitate a powerful cross-pollination of product best practices. This we firmly believe will yield professional development opportunities across the community.

The ProductHub Team

ProductHub was created in just a few weeks this summer by a tiny team of passionate product people. We owe these folks our thanks for creating this platform for all of us.

Hally Pinaud

Hally is a smart, energetic product marketer, currently contributing her talents to the resurgence of Aberdeen. She is our chief editor and author of our launch piece on content marketing. She's also about to get her MBA from Boston College.

Vanessa Ferranto

Vanessa is a savvy and technical senior product manager, currently driving product strategy forward at Kendall Square startup Leaf. She is ProductHub's WordPress wizard and created the entire blog from scratch in her spare time.

Rob Savitsky

Rob is working on his MBA at Babson. He'a also interned at the New York Times and (before bschool), he oversaw social media at record labels for artists such as Evanesence, Seether, Civil Twilight and more. Rob manages the blog's social media presence, getting the word out when there is new content.

I'd also like to thank ProductHub's first contributor:

Janet Lee

Janet serves as VP of Products at Lattice Engines on State Street in downtown Boston. She agreed to spend her free time creating an article on estimation for the community based on only the idea of a member-contributed blog.

Check out ProductHub and tune in to what the Boston product community is learning, as we learn it. Want to add your voice? All are welcome. Check out the contributor guidelines.

Reader Comments (1)

Looks to be very interesting. Right now, the Ugly Truth link on the front page points to the wrong article, FYI.

November 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRobert

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