Bruce McCarthy is Founder and Chief Product Person at UpUp Labs, where he and his team are at work on Reqqs - the smart roadmap tool for product people.

Utility Belt

Tools for your utility belt. Use them for good.

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    LookOut search plug-in for Outlook v1.3.0

    Free and lightning-fast search plug-in that searches all of your Outlook folders at once (even archives and sent mail) plus designated folders on your hard drive. I depend on this daily and it's difficult to find on the web.
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    Lookout v1.2.8

    Some people have had more luck with this lightly older version of the LookOut plug-in.
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    Reqqs Prioritization Scorecard

    Use this Excel spreadsheet as a template to help you organize, prioritize, socialize and get buy-in on your product priorities using an objective scoring methodology that everyone can understand.
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    Reqqs Prioritization Scorecard With Weights

    This advanced version of the Reqqs Scorecard contains adjustable weights for different goals and types of effort for tighter control over your prioritization criteria.